GR Chat RC 1.6 is available now!

Hey Guys,
good News: Since last Night we are available in the AppStore…

New: Our new Tab “Status” for Updating your Headline and online Status.
Feel free to use it and update now!

So check out & download our App here

If something does´t work so far, write us an email, we try to help u!

So Guys, have fun!

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Features in GR Chat Release 1.5

We get a lot of feedback about GR ChatRC 1.0, so we like to inform you, what is in RC 1.5:

  • Full message history - We like to give you a real time chat, like skype or other messangers in the iPhone Chat style.
  • Multi accounting – You have more than one GayRomeo Account (private, friends, date & sex) – you can switch between very fast and easy!
  • High Security – All Passwords are stored only encrypted on your iPhone!
  • New beautiful design - We like to make GR Chat more beautyful, but also fast and easy!

Need more functions or support – use the feedback form or contact us…

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GR Chat App RC 1.0 on the Way…

Hello Friends,
the GR Chat team has worked one month without any sleep, so today its final:

GR Chat Release Candidate 1.0 is finished!
We are happy, happy, happy and love this App!

However there are other news. We want to give you a new possibility to use GayRomeo on the iPhone as fast as possible. Therefore we had to leave some features behind for the next version:

  • Full history
  • Multi accounting
  • New beautiful design
  • and many more…

Please support and follow us @

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The Idea behind GR Chat

The idea behind was to have a fast and easy to use way using GayRomeo via iPhone.

The Problem

  • The mobile Version of GayRomeo is crap, it doesn´t fit the screen and is horrible to use
  • Other clients are expensive and not fast & easy to handle
  • A lot of gays using mobile devices like iPhone and others

Our Solution

  • Fast & easy messaging
  • Managing GayRomeo Favorites
  • Using the Country Search to find new guys

GR-Chat was born – so try it out and have fun!

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